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“I finally got a chance to taste the sample you sent and they were GREAT!  I really like the texture and taste of the products.  The fruit is very pleasant to look at with the great fresh looking colors and the size of the fruit.  And the taste was so good.  I was amazed that I liked the Ginger, since before when I tasted bulk Ginger it was really strong tasting and I did not like it.” Linda Davis, Key Account Manager, UNFI

“I have been working with Seawind for over 10 years and find their dried fruit products to be the highest quality available in the low sweet, preservative-free category. At KeHe, we are dedicated to distribute premium products and the Seawind True NO SO2™ fruit meets our criteria.” Maria Burrow, Vendor Manager Bulk, KeHE

We worked with Seawind to develop a custom vegetable soup blend. I found them to be highly responsive and ultimately deliver a consistent quality product at a competitive price.” Sharon Black, Vice President Sales, Industrial Food Ingredients Co., Inc

“At Anahola Granola, we pride ourselves in making healthy granola using ingredients that are unadulterated. That is why, for the past 25+ years, we have selected Seawind’s True No SO2™ dried tropical fruit; it is never treated using the toxic chemical, sulfur dioxide.” Becky Burns, Owner, Anahola Granola

“We’ve done business with Seawind Foods for over six years and find them to be responsive, service-oriented and stock a broad range of quality vegetables and fruits to satisfy our customers’ needs. Seawind is a first class operation and a pleasure with whom to do business.”
Scott Hetherington, President, Industrial Food Ingredients Co., Inc