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Our Story

PRODUCTS 2The origins of Seawind International, LLC date back more than 50 years.  Initially, the product offering consisted of seafood and canned goods.  By continuously listening to and responding to our customers’ needs, Seawind’s products expanded to the breadth of ingredients offered today.

A key element to our company’s success is management’s keen ability to canvas the world, audit factories and find the highest quality raw materials and resources available.  Our product line continues to grow as we analyze new trends and customer needs.

In 1963, the business was incorporated under the name of Cade Grayson Company.  For decades, the company continued to supply a vast assortment of canned, frozen, fresh and dehydrated fruits, meats, seafood, vegetables and spices.

From 1981 through the early 90s, the company expanded operations and the product focus intensified in the specific field of dehydrated vegetables.  The Cade Grayson company prospered and grew into one of the largest US importers and suppliers of dehydrated vegetable ingredients.

In 1987, Seawind International was established as a separate company.  Seawind grew from the core products of spices, tropical fruits and specialty foods items.  From that base, the business expanded to industrial food ingredients and production management.

Utilizing years of experience and exposure to processing facilities, throughout the world, Seawind became a mentor to companies both domestic and abroad.  The company has grown, throughout the years, to become a major supplier to many multi-national companies.  Seawind has created and participated in joint venture operations domestically, as well as in Asia and South America, providing resources and distribution of goods, worldwide.

In 2013, Seawind International received a capital infusion from private equity, Tide Rock Ventures, to finance growth in the operations and to keep up with growing demand. In this regard, the company name was updated to Seawind Foods which most accurately represents the organization’s focus.

In 2014, Seawind Foods proudly participated in both the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) annual meeting and  joined the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA).

Dehydrated vegetables and proprietary, all natural, non sulfur dioxide treated dried fruits are predominant in our product offering; however, if you’re looking for a unique ingredient, do not hesitate contacting us as we add new products often.